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“For anyone who desires to truly worship God and make a lasting difference through financial giving, this is a great resource to challenge and equip you for the journey.”
Paul Morales, Chief of Staff, Bridges International
“Gray Keller’s book Everyone Wants Your Money challenges readers to a new way of thinking about philanthropy in today’s non-profit world. Dr. Keller’s book encourages us to become involved not just with our wallets, but also with our skills, leadership and advocacy.”
Sheree Cannon Bowie, US Director at Danita's Children
“Gray Keller’s book on philanthropy is a must read for anyone who is serious about making a difference in our world. When God gives to us, we are to give to others. But we are to give wisely. Keller tells us how to do this because he has, and is, doing so.”
Rosemary Jensen, Founder and President, Rafiki Foundation
“That’s the sage judgement of Dr. Gray Keller. His reasoning: to keep you from joining the landscape of scattered cadavers of well meaning donors who gave money without proper leadership. Where was this book when I was wealthy and innocent! Looking back, my money was like a bolt of fabric that I scissored up and divided among the needs and cries of a multitude of good causes. Dr. Keller exposes this well intentioned folly with perfect on point delivery.”
April Champagne,
“I really enjoyed reading your book, “Everyone Wants Your Money: Helping You Navigate Through Philanthropy.” This is the book to read on giving, especially if you want a holistic view on both the blessings and the burdens on philanthropy. Philanthropic leadership is needed now more than ever!”
David E. Wilkins, Secretary, Department of Children & Families, State of Florida
“In a world of great need where ‘Everyone Wants Your Money’, it is difficult to know how to effectively make a positive difference in the lives of others. Through a series of life principles and real-world stories, Dr. Gray Keller raises the bar from simply writing a check, to becoming a philanthropic leader!”
Dan Voth, Chief Operating Officer, CrossWater Capital Management

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