Who are the top five people that have had the most influence upon your life? What are their names? What is their relationship to you? How have they most impacted your life? Were they their in the midst of a personal tragedy? Did they offer some tipping point nugget of wisdom? Exactly how have these individuals played a major role in your life? A mentor? A friend? A family member? Have you told them “thank you” for influencing you in a meaningful way? Have you given them the respect, honor and dignity they deserve? How might you celebrate them has influencing you? Please don’t wait till they are dead and gone or you are too old to remember or do anything special for them. Act now. Give now. Bless them now. It is important to honor people in a way that honors them that is appropriate to how they’ve impacted your life. It may mean you write a special letter, take someone out to dinner, or create a meaningful moment of gratitude and thanksgiving. Whatever the case may entail, this is all about leading your legacy through the people to whom have most shaped and influenced your life.