Character is who you are. Integrity is living out your character or being who you are in all situations. This takes humility, grace, and the ability to realize you cannot live in this world in isolation. We need each other. We need help. We cannot change the world alone. We will not always do it right, and we will need to ask for forgiveness. Is your life marked by this kind of character? What about your generosity? Why do you give? Why do you care? Are you spurred on by a true love of mankind or do you only give enough to appear good among those around you in society? Do you care more about appearances or do you care more about others and meaningful results in their lives? What drives your giving? Faith? Values? Pain? Joy? And how do these intangibles drive your generosity? Are these values in alignment with your character? Do you possess these or only ascribe to one day achieve these values? Knowing who you are is essential for healthy living, leading and giving. It requires doing an inventory on your heart and soul, as you seek to understand why you do what you do in light of who you truly are. This takes time and often loved ones as well to speak truth gracefully into your life as you seek to discover and live out your true meaning, purpose and calling. Remember, there is only one you and you must live your life.