Which is more important: gaining money or wisdom? To the individual who has no money, they tend to say, money is more important. To the individual who primarily has money, but no wisdom, they tend to say, more money. To the individual who has wisdom, but no money, well this one is a toss up – about half say wisdom while the other half says money. And to the individual who has both money and wisdom, they tend to say more wisdom. But what do you say? I have watched too many nonprofits seek money from wealthy wise donors, only to turn around once they receive the money to buy “wisdom and expertise” from third-party consultants. I’ve always thought this was a little strange, when often, not always, but often, these wealthy and wise donors could be offering similar wisdom and expertise for free, while the nonprofit invests their donation in other ways. In other words, sometimes, the very thing we really need is right in front of us, but because we only see donors as giving one thing (i.e. money), then we often miss a greater blessing (i.e. the donor’s wisdom).