As a philanthropic leader, what one question are you asking yourself about next year? What is the single most vital thing that you need to achieve for the next 12 months? If you do not know the answer, then take a few seconds to think strategically about this question. It may be your greatest need, your greatest opportunity, your biggest problem to solve, or a new program to implement, person to hire, direction to take. Wherever you find yourself, ask: what one thing is vital for the next year? This should give you clarity, focus and the time to prepare for next year. Don’t wait until December to cast vision, reflect and refocus next year’s priorities. Do it now. Plan well. And utilize plenty of time for your direction and focus as a philanthropic leader. Remember, people don’t often like to follow scatter-minded leaders who seem to be rushed and trying to stay on top of things. Lead with caution and clarity as you create a better tomorrow.