Some community foundations really want to raise more money and then manage it over the long haul. With this said, not all do this, but here again many do. And at times donors question the integrity of truly making a significant difference in one’s community or simply holding onto the funds for continual feeing of salaries. And this is also a common argument against private foundations and family foundations. If only 5% of the funds must legally be distributed yearly, then what real change can occur? And when the patriarchs of such foundations die, don’t many family feuds occur, or even the mission of the foundation change? Sometimes this too also happens. Nevertheless, before you place your money in any kind of structure from a private foundation, community foundation or even a donor-advised fund, you need to do your research. Ask lots of questions. Look the organization’s history and look for results. Remember, it is always easy to give money away, but it is not always given in the most wise or effective way.