Joy does not always come from giving. In fact, often bitterness and disappointment comes from giving. I even know marriages that have fallen to divorce and a big culprit has been around nonprofits and their giving habits. I know, this sounds horrible to blame a good charity for one’s marital problems, but this in fact does occur, whether or not it is warranted. But what are warranted are the mishaps and false assumptions that all givers receive joy from their giving. Sometimes joy is a by-product of one’s generosity, but many times it is not. I’ve even witnessed people give a sentimental gift to a family member where love and gratitude shines forth, only for later the gift to be quickly sold for cash and used in other ways. This kind of behavior hurts givers and it makes them pause before giving again. The same often happens when the so-called wealthy are riding high on the hog, giving extravagantly and then all of a sudden the stock market crashes, fraud happens and now they simply are in a needy position themselves. And now where are the nonprofits who once prized these donors? The lesson is joy does not always come from giving and nor are donors always better off when they do give.