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Speaking the Language of the Truly Wealthy

By |October 23rd, 2013|

The truly wealthy in the world do not define their lives or their wealth explicitly in financial terms. Rather they understand true wealth encapsulates a more holistic and balanced approach to life and living. The problem with financial advisers and other experts within the banking and investment world see the wealthy primarily through one lens, which is always financial. That is why in recent days with the new studies and results, financial advisors are missing the mark in connecting and communicating with their ultra wealthy clients about everything from philanthropy to estate planning and family dynamics.

Values, generational wealth, personality [...]

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Pink, October & No Tax Deductions Necessary

By |October 23rd, 2013|

I recently attended a fun filled party at a private golf and country club that was conducted solely for the members and their guests of this particular club. Each and every member had to pay $100 per person to attend. The club decided to do this year’s theme around the color pink. Pink was everywhere! Yes, the men had to wear pink in some form or fashion along with the ladies. And as we all know, pink and October have become the official color and time for breast cancer awareness. From NFL players wearing pink on the football field [...]

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