Has your small nonprofit ever felt like it was a hostage being taken over by an inside or outside group? Has your large nonprofit ever felt like it was being taken over in a coercive way to outsiders? If not, yet, watch out and be ready. Sadly, many great nonprofits, both big and small in size and scope of work, have experienced some form of hostile take over from board members, executive leadership, or even donors with major influence. Often it comes subtly and suddenly without even realizing what is occurring. It is not so much that the person vying for power, position and/or prestige really cares about the power, position or prestige as much as they truly think they know better how to run, manage and operate their beloved nonprofit. Yes, some may seek a take over for wrong and selfish reasons that are only skin deep or dollar deep, but many of these hostile attempts of takeovers are in fact by people who are well meaning. But of course, to everyone else, the well meaning never feels well or meaningful. In fact, some nonprofits fold completely and cannot withstand such tactics, while others may regain the reigns of control, they will be greatly damaged by so called friends. The moral of the story is simply the following: not everyone has pure motives, so be very careful who you allow on your board, hirer within your charity or surround yourself with as donors, influencers and advocates. Just because your cause is good, does not mean other’s agenda is.