Sacred Giving


Sacred giving is spiritual in nature in that it comes from the core of your heart. It comes from your faith. Your belief in making the world a better place and that the recipient’s life will actually be better because you gave.


Sacred giving is first and foremost Selfless to the giver. It is selfless because the donor knows his or her giving is sacred. To the sacred giver, their giving is not some random act of generosity or charity. It is thoughtful, intentional and special.


Second, it is Authentic. The giver gives authentically from his or her beliefs and values. They do not give to receive an award or to be praised by others. They give because they can do no other. It is simply apart of who they are as a person. Thus, their generosity comes from the Core of their heart. They find their identity in their giving. They are passionate and will suffer and sacrifice to be a blessing in the lives of others.


Next, their giving is always in the context of Relationships. Sacred giving is relational giving, whereby the giver can reach out and touch the other person. They know their story. They can see the pain and hurt in their eyes. They view relationships as sacred experiences where the divine touches humanity through the power of love and generosity. Sacred givers thus see people with human dignity and divine dignity since they believe all people are created equal and within the image of God. Relationships are the basic fabric of society, one’s family and all of the living experience.


Sacred givers are Empowering givers of generosity. They do not give to disempower recipients while leaving them in a worse state or in a place of dependency, but rather they empower them to become transformed in the relationship of sacred giving. Therefore, empowered givers create empowerment in the lives of those they give to, whereby they become empowered as they flourish.


Finally, sacred givers have Drive. They are driven to improve the lives of others. They are teachable, always loving, listening, learning and liberating. They live with such passionate drive that no one can stop them from making a difference. Whether it is moving to Africa, transforming a small part of India, serving the poor in Haiti or rescuing children from sex trafficking in South East Asia, these philanthropic leaders, these sacred givers keep going and going with drive. They will not give up on others. They will not let the poor and needy down. They will be there for you.


Thus, SACRED givers give from a place of Selflessness, Authenticity, the Core of their being, in Relationship alongside others, while Empowering them to greatness with an unstoppable Drive to accomplish goals, fix problems while overcome obstacles.