Who do the wealthy talk to when it comes to philanthropy? The wealthy often talk to the wealthy when it comes to giving and generosity. This does not happen on any center stage like the Clinton Global Initiative, nor does this happen so much in an intentional context of professional advisors within the philanthropy, finance or estate-planning context. But it does happen over coffee, on fishing trips, while playing a round of golf or in many other causal contexts. It simply occurs when friends talk with friends about how to give well. In other words, it occurs in their world where their daily lives are engaged with those they feel are their peers and equals. Of course the nuts and bolts of giving also occur more strategically via conferences that the wealthy may attend from time to time. But these conferences be it on how to manage a private foundation, be a generous giver, to practicing global philanthropy are indeed more strategic in content, while creating safe spaces for the ultra wealthy to dialogue among peers. Groups from the Association of Small Foundations, Institute for Private Investors, Global Philanthropy Forum, Generous Giving, The Gathering, and Nexus Global Youth Summit are just a few organizations that create safe spaces for the wealthy to talk about and share ideas in regards to philanthropy. The reason why these places are safe is because no one is hitting them up for money to fund some charity or cause. They are also safe because they can engage other peers with the same emotional language and understanding of what it feels like to be constantly asked for money for a myriad of philanthropic purposes. Thus, who do the wealthy talk to when it comes to philanthropy? Well, they talk to other wealthy people.