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Your Fundraising Methods Bore Me!

By |June 30th, 2017|

Philanthropy in its typical stage continues to bore donors. After all, how many black ties does one really want to go to? Another matching grant program with a limited deadline from some anonymous donor really energizes others to give more? Then if you just give a little bit more this year you can be in our special platinum inner circle? Who cares? Been there, done that and they do it all again each and every year. The same old song and dance eventually gets old and boring. Are your donors bored? Are your donors tired of giving again and [...]

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America Are We Giving Well?

By |June 29th, 2017|

I don’t believe Americans realize how wealthy they really are. I don’t believe we realize how much more we can give and it still wouldn’t be sacrificial giving. Yes, for those who are living week to week and barely making it, for them giving maybe a stressor but most likely they are giving all to their family. And even though America is the most generous nation on earth, we don’t always give well, give wisely, or give where our donations, time and energy are fully maximized for the greatest possible return. Yes, each and every day more and more [...]

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What Side of CHARITY are You On?

By |June 28th, 2017|

What Side of CHARITY Are You On?

• Clear or Confusing
• Helping or Hurting
• Authentic or Artificial
• Relational or Robotic
• Intellectual or Ignorant
• Transformational or Transactional
• Yearning or You-focused

First, are you clear about why and where and to whom you give or are you confused about your charity and philanthropic work? Second, does your charity actual help others or does it hurt them? Does it stifle their growth or does it empower them? Third, do you tend to respond to truly authentic needs or do you tend to give to artificially generated letters asking you to give money? Fourth, are you [...]

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Fundraising: Delight or Duty?

By |June 27th, 2017|

No one likes to be pushed to donate to charity. No one. Do you? Sometimes donors need a nudge, but they never want to feel pressed, coerced, or pushed beyond their comfort zone to give. Now sometimes, when certain donors start to give more than they planned and if the impact comes back positively, then they will often start to get excited about giving more and more often. However, because fundraising professionals and development teams feel pressured to raise x amount of money in a very tight time period, then often their pressure is felt by donors. And when [...]

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A Triangular Focus for Your Nonprofit

By |June 26th, 2017|

Is your nonprofit organization primarily donor-centric, self-focused, or program oriented? By donor-centric, I mean the donors drive decisions as they either fund or don’t fund your charity and specific programs. By self-focused, I mean that your charity places a higher focus on their employees and ensuring their staff and executives are well taken care of. By program oriented, I mean the programs your nonprofit implements receive more focus and attention both in time, money, and energy than the two other focal points. Clearly, every nonprofit relies on their donors, their internal staff and operations, and the programs and initiatives [...]

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How Well Does Your Nonprofit Fail?

By |June 25th, 2017|

How well does your nonprofit organization fail? Yes, I’m asking how successful you are with your failure. Great organizations seem to succeed at failing greatly! And it is in their embracing of their failures, learning from them, adapting rather than blaming, while taking responsibility for their mistakes, these nonprofits are more flexible and progressive for greater success. They don’t allow their failures and mistakes to bog them down in depression or to debilitate them in any way. Rather they take their hits, access damage, ask more strategic questions, learn, grow and move onward. But the nonprofits, NGOs, and other [...]

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The Tensions of Poverty and Wealth

By |June 24th, 2017|

Wealthy donors and philanthropists often live with great paradoxical tension in their hearts and souls. On one side they may fly privately to spend time on the ground with the poorest of the poorest, which often seems ironic to many observers. How can they reconcile flying private while knowing people live in slums with no plumbing, electricity, or any form of sanitation? How can they pay what they pay for their own personal security when so many of the poorest are raped, abused, and live in constant fear of their own lives knowing even their justice system how little [...]

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DREAM Philanthropy

By |June 23rd, 2017|

Do you engage in DREAM philanthropy? What is DREAM philanthropy? First, every dream gives Direction. When you clearly see and know your dream, then you have clear direction. Clear direction helps to implement and execute your dream to fruition. Second, every dream requires responsibility. You must be responsible to fulfill your dream. After all, it is your dream – not someone else’s. You may recruit others to help you fulfill it, but at the end of the day you must take responsibility. Third, dream philanthropy Empowers you to act. It is a dream big enough and deep enough within [...]

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Financial Requirements for Nonprofit Boards

By |June 22nd, 2017|

Many nonprofit boards have a financial contribution requirement for their board members. Sometimes the requirement is to just give any amount of money, so that the executive officer can tell their donors that all their board members believe so much in the cause that they all give financially. And I’ve witnessed where some will just say, even if you can’t afford to give a large sum of money, then please just give one dollar. Now this most likely is not the norm, nor am I advocating for such a position. Other boards will say every board member must either [...]

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Divorce, Donors & Dollars

By |June 21st, 2017|

When your donors are going through a divorce in their personal life it usually is not a good time to be asking them for money. So how well do you know your donors? Years ago a dear friend of mine was going through a divorce and of course a nonprofit called into the family storm asking for money. The nonprofit clearly could have asked a few questions first before jumping right into their fundraising ask. Everything from asking donors if this is a good time to talk or if things in their own life are going well are simple [...]

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