The future of philanthropy is more investment focused in its scope and nature. As an investment, donors want to see a measureable return on their investment beyond smiling faces. Investment focused philanthropy really has its roots in an old Biblical narrative where by Jesus talks about the parable of the talents. One man is given more to invest and a couple of others are given less money to invest over a specific time period. Once the time period is over, the owner/investor seeks to gather his returns. He expects a financial gain. He does not expect what the evil manager does with his money, which is to safe guard it because he is so afraid of not making a profit. Once the investor learns of this, he asks, if you knew what kind of investor I am, then why didn’t you put my money in the bank and at least gain some interest? Because they evil manager did not even do this, he took the one little piece of money and gave it to the one who had the greatest return. This is already happening in the world of nonprofits. Those that show great impact with donor dollars, tend to receive more money and those who blow donor dollars are frivolous things well, those charities tend to go out of business. What type of philanthropy do you practice?