Beware of the celebrity donor. If you have a celebrity in your donor camp, then let them be themselves. Don’t push them to give beyond their comfort zone especially if they are giving to a public charity rather than them operating their own private foundation. Now those who are operating their own foundation, then see if there is any room for collaboration or partnership. But if they are simply giving to you, then be careful. Some celebrity donors love to give their name out to organizations, but they rarely will give their own cash. And even if they can give unique auction items for fundraising galas, this still is not the same as making major donations. However, if you have a celebrity donor that wants to make a significant financial gift then listen to their heart first and foremost. Don’t get star struck. Don’t get trapped. Just because a lot of people love them in the public eye, a lot of others may not. Whether they are a rock star, movie star, star athlete, or even a well-known politician, you never know who may not like them as much as you do. And realize at the end of the day, they are people like all of your other donors. They have desires, hopes and dreams and hardships too. They can be a wonderful asset for your nonprofit but they also can be a pain in your you know what. So be careful, you’ve be warned.