There will always be the test and see donor. The donor who spends more time observing your leadership and organization than you will ever know. The donor who prefers to give from the shadows rather than the spotlight will always be there. And sometimes their biggest gift comes at their death. Other times it comes via a donor advised fund or a community foundation where the gift comes to your charity anonymously. How do you thank such a donor who desires to remain in the shadows? And sometimes these donors will make themselves known to you and your organization for awhile and then they are gone again in shadows of darkness. Do you forget them? Do you try to keep calling them and emailing them? Do you wonder if you have offended them? They may just want to pause their giving and watch and observe you from a distance. But don’t push them to give again. Be grateful and appreciative of what they’ve given so far realizing you would not be where you are without them. You never know, they may have put your organization in their will and just want to be left alone.