Sometimes the wealthy can appear to be very strange people. In one moment they may easily spend over $100,000 in jet fuel to fire up their private jet just to go to dinner. And in the next moment they may complain that $20 for a movie ticket is way too expensive and simply not go to the movies. I’ve watched this behavior and experience it with many different friends. And the crazy thing is, some of wealthiest people who like to drive their Rolls-Royces also love getting gift cards to the movies for Christmas! Who would have ever thought this? But it often is true. So carrying on the conversation from yesterday, a fun gift for many wealthy people to receive are just gift cards to the movies or for them to be able to download more music from their I-tunes account. It may not seem important or be an expensive gift from some impressive boutique shop, but it is a fun gift that actually makes them, the wealthy, feel somewhat normal. So don’t be surprised by all the paradoxical behavior you may observe from the wealthy, but do be loving and act normal towards them – you may just be surprised how far normalcy goes.