Should private foundations in America only be required to give away 5% of their total value each and every year? And should these same foundations be allowed to use a portion if not all of their 5% requirement on overhead operations, salaries, and other expenditures whereby no real money actually goes towards any public benefit for society? Clearly, some private foundations give way above the annual 5% requirement, which then allows them to not give in following years as they utilize the carry forward rule. Should all of these rules and regulations and laws be reviewed in the 21st Century where there has been an increase in private foundations by 75% over the last 25 years? Are private foundations the best financial tool for families to preserve their wealth long-term (100 plus years)? Or should all of this change? Should private foundations that are self-funded and managed be required to give more to society? Should the number be raised to a tithe of 10%? Where a smaller percentage can be added for expenditures from filing fees, taxes (yes even private foundations have to pay capital gains taxes though at a much lower rate), accounting fees, and legal fees? What do you think?