Are you serving your mission or are your perpetuating your organization’s viability? Are you fighting the fire or just fanning the flames? Do you really want to be a blessing to others or just appear to be a blessing to others? Is your ego as a nonprofit leader or philanthropist really driving your decisions or do you make your decisions from a posture of humility and servant leadership to truly help the least of these in society? Do you end up spending more money on your black-tie dress, shoes and handbag than you actually give at the fundraising event? Do you prefer to fly privately to visit the poor and thus spend more money on your jet fuel, then on gifting that same amount of money to a charity that could really use that kind of financial lift? How much money did you spend last year or even this year attending philanthropy events versus giving to nonprofits? If you can honestly ask yourself these questions, then you can get a clearer picture where your heart and soul really are when it comes to serving others from a spirit of generosity and philanthropy.