“Can you love people and lead them without imposing your will” asked Tao. If philanthropy is a dynamic relationship whereby at least two people engage each other for the wellbeing of each other in the spirit of the love of the other, then maybe you can love and lead without imposing a “my way or the highway” approach of dictatorial leadership. And one of the best forms of servant leadership when practiced in the context of philanthropy is actually conversational leadership or relational leadership. Conversational leadership is simply when two or more friends come together to talk, to be vulnerable, to bare their souls with raw, honest authenticity. And it is within a safe space of mutual philanthropic love for the wellbeing and human flourishing of each other whereby this deep dialogue of significant community emerges. And when this occurs, you have a type, of conversational leadership or relational leadership, not based on manipulation or coercion but rather based on loving and leading others without imposing your own will. Maybe you need to find a trust soul mate, confidant to engage in such refreshing work of soul care.