We live in a strange world where extreme wealth and extreme poverty both isolate those in either economic camp. And at the end of the day, the billionaire longs for a hug and a meaningful conversation just as much as the poor soul living in the slums of Kenya. At the end of the day, money and materialism or the lack of both can cause great separation, loneliness and a desire to be loved, appreciated and heard. Listening is an act of loving and showing appreciation. So many wealthy individuals don’t even have family members that will show up to simply be with them. Whether it is being with family around a camp fire in Aspen, Colorado or being around a charcoal fire pit in Haiti, if there is a lack of loving kindness within the souls of people, then it really doesn’t matter how rich or poor one might be. Sometimes the greatest act of kindness is just showing respect to those who seem lonely and isolated. Remember there is just as much human dignity with the wealthy of society as there is with the refugee and temporarily displaced person. Both need you. Be real. Be loving. Be kind.