Who cares what your family’s net worth is, if your family is totally dysfunctional. Instead of talking about your family, let’s talk about mine. My grandfather dies and no one in my family even thinks of telling me or my sister. My sister learns it through a friend of a friend of a family member living out of state via Facebook. How’s that for family unity? My father didn’t show up for my sister’s wedding, so what kind of pressure does it put on me the brother when I decide to get married? Family dysfunction can go on and on for years without proper family coaching, advising and professional counseling. And even with all of that it does not mean family members will be reconciled and have their kumbaya moment. No matter the hurt and the depths of it, where often bitterness and resentment grows deep beneath the surface of otherwise apparent success, the better question then is not how much is your net worth, but how much is your family worth to you? And do they know it? How about focusing more on the healthiness and wholeness of your family than just focusing on your family finances at your family office meetings? Just then, maybe your family philanthropy will extend beyond check writing and into the transformational process of a participatory relationship where loving kindness flourishes for the wellbeing of everyone.