Brokenness is where the power is. Our past may be filled with hurt, disappointment and regret, but it does not have to disempower you. Use your brokenness to empower your future. Use your passion (i.e. your suffering) to move your future forward. Our pasts may refine us like fire, but it does not have to define us. Use that fire to fuel your future. Remember there is great value in pain. For all pain has a Purpose, by which we can learn and grow and become stronger and healthier and wiser. Or we can allow our pain to destroy us and numb us from our best selves. So learn to leverage your pain for power and purpose beyond suffering. Second, pain gives you Attitude. You can either play the victim or the victor. The choice is yours. Third, you may allow pain of your past to identity you or you may use it to Intentionally create a beautiful future blessing others for their human flourishing during their times of pain. Finally, pain may be used for an even greater good in creating Networks of support groups. Think Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) or AA, or breast cancer support groups. When you create a Network from your pain, you’ve turned something hurtful and ugly into something helpful and beautiful for others.