When have you made enough money in a traditional job environment that now is the time to shift your focus from full time making money to now full time giving money away? In other words, if you are a multimillionaire or billionaire do you really need to continue to make more money on the job? Is your personal lifestyle so out of control that if you are not constantly in the office making more and more money then you don’t know if you will survive? Maybe you are afraid you will not have enough funds to keep flying private or moving your mega yacht around the world even when you are not on it? If you have these concerns maybe now is the time to refocus your values and philanthropy? Maybe now is the time to stop generating more money for yourself and family and start giving more to those who are truly in need? Maybe you may want to stop pouring more of your life into the office and start pouring more of your life either in a homeless shelter, hospital visiting patients, mentoring children in after school programs or even on the mission field serving in some capacity. Hopefully you will not get to the end of your life and realize you lived it completely for your own self-indulgence but rather for serving others.