Sometimes giving a blank check to a charity is not the wisest thing a philanthropist can do. I’ve personally experienced this years ago. My wife and I gave a black check to an executive director who was starting up a new nonprofit. We told him he could fill out the check for any amount of money he needed. We had no idea if it would be a few thousand dollars, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions. This is where we may have been a little foolish or less wise. And it also put the executive director in an uncomfortable position. If he wrote out the check for too much money, would he offend us and lose us as donors, but still get his one-time big gift? Or if he wrote it for too little money, would he later be kicking himself or leaving money on the table? Well, this executive director wisely wrote out a check for his charity that made sense. It was well within reason and expectation, but then again we throw expectation to the wind when we gave a blank check with the instructions of making it out for any amount. Sometimes generous people can be too generous and get caught up in the excitement of wanting to bless others, which can actually back fire and end up becoming more of a burden. So, I recommend not giving blank checks no matter how wealthy you are to any charity. You never know when the money may go to someone’s head in a crazy way.