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What is a Successful Return on a Donor’s Investment?

By |August 11th, 2017|

What is a successful return on a donor’s investment? I’m sure if you are a nonprofit, then you will have a completely different answer and assumption than if you are the actual donor. And thus, herein lies the problem. Donors have one set of beliefs and assumptions and nonprofit leaders often have a totally different set of beliefs and assumptions. If the nonprofit measures mouths fed through a feeding program for children, then that will give one set of data outcomes. But if the donor wants to see how the children are getting better grades in school because their [...]

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There is a Major Difference Between Outcomes & Impact

By |August 10th, 2017|

There is a major difference between outcomes and impact within both impacting investing and philanthropic investing. Outcomes are often the numbers of people served. For example, if you are operating a homeless shelter, then you can tell you donors each quarter how many people your organization housed and fed. But this is simply outcomes from donor dollars. Impact tells a totally different story. Impact tells how the lives of those your homeless shelter houses has actually transformed this demographical people group into responsible, working citizens who now pay their own rent or mortgage while slowly being elevated out of [...]

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A Stupid Fundraising Tactic

By |August 9th, 2017|

If you want money from donors, then you must be authentic. Authenticity is key and donors will intuitively know it or sense it when they are in your presence. Don’t say you want to build a relationship or partnership, because you don’t. You are there to get their money. If a friendship of some sort naturally emerges then that is one thing, but to start off a meeting with a donor by showing you desire to be their friend, well, that is inauthentic or fundraising tactic 101, which any savvy donor will already know. Even one professional development officer [...]

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The Goal is to Go Out of Business

By |August 8th, 2017|

The goal is to go out of business. Is this the goal of your nonprofit? Or do you hope the poor remain poor forever so that you may exercise your power and position over them? Remember there is a lot of pride and prestige in annual fundraising galas that are supposed to help the poor and needy. But do they really? Or do they simply struck the ego of donors while keeping your job position in place? In other words, are you fighting the fire at the systemic level so that you can actually solve real problems where you [...]

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Give Wisdom & Empower the Next Gen

By |August 7th, 2017|

So many young nonprofit start-ups need mentors, advisors, and wisdom. They need people who have been there before and who can help them along the journey so that these newbies do not make the same old mistakes from others. But often they cannot afford to hire expert nonprofit consultants, fundraising professionals, and other philanthropic advisors, which really might be a blessing in disguise. Often the self-appointed “experts” can cause more harm and damage while taking a hefty fee, which never truly pans out. So, if you have the real world, real life experience of starting a nonprofit or public [...]

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Is Your Nonprofit Wise?

By |August 6th, 2017|

Is your philanthropy wise? Does your nonprofit practice wisdom among its programs, budgets and donor dollars? How wise does your nonprofit operate? Some nonprofits, NGOs and charities are very wise in what they do, while others are foolish. A foolish nonprofit tends to always run out of money, spend more than they take in from donors, purchase things they don’t really need, and give to others whom may not really be needy. Many foolish nonprofits also have foolish leaders who act in immoral, unethical and even sometimes illegal ways. Most foolish nonprofits die, which is a good thing. They [...]

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Power in the Crumbs of Life

By |August 5th, 2017|

Crumbs. Who wants your crumbs? And are crumbs really worth anything? Crumbs tend to come from humility. And with humility comes great creative, power. Don’t throw away the crumbs in your life. Don’t act like the little ideas or seemingly little people are unimportant to you and your mission. You never know where your next biggest and best breakthrough will come and often it comes through the little unnoticed crumbs. In the New Testament there is a story about a Canaanite woman who knew there was hope in the crumbs as she encounters Jesus (See Matthew 15:21-28). Jesus not [...]

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Donor Development & Soul Care

By |August 4th, 2017|

Do your donors have sacred and safe place whereby they can talk and share their soul when it comes to the relational and emotional dynamics of giving? Giving for many philanthropic leaders is not as easy as the media would like us to think. Giving well requires strategic thinking, best practices, sound leadership, and a myriad of other tools and strategies, which reach way beyond check writing. And often high net worth donors get burned out from their giving. Not all giving is joyful giving. Not all giving is helpful. Actually, sometimes charity creates more harm than help. And [...]

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Philanthropic Fashion

By |August 3rd, 2017|

Some of the most creative philanthropic initiatives are rooted in fashion. From jackets that turn into tents to backpacks that turn into tents and other types of shelters is a new form of philanthropic fashion helping everyone from refugees to hikers on the trail. Often these groups are social businesses or a hybrid form of philanthropy that uses recyclable materials with a sustainable mission to help those in need. Thus, consumers need to understand the difference between these organizations that are truly creating quality products to help the least of these and the large big box corporations that rarely [...]

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Shopping as Philanthropy

By |August 2nd, 2017|

Shopping local is one of the best ways to practice philanthropy. Philanthropy is the love of others for their wellbeing. When we consume products from local farmers, artists and small business owners – whether they are social businesses or b-corporations, then you are truly making a philanthropic impact with your shopping habits. Rather than buying from big corporations that may use unethical practices from forced work slavery in places like India to sweat shops and other unethical fashionable practices, when you shop local from local artisans, jewelry makers and others you empower people who truly are trying to make [...]

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