Don’t over promise to give if you can’t deliver on your gift. Don’t over promise to give, even if you can deliver on your gift. Often nonprofits will want donors to commit to give a certain amount of money over an extended amount of time, say three to four years or even longer. The problem with long-term gift pledges are two-fold. First, the donor’s financial situation may change for the worse and then not be able to fully fulfill what they had originally planned to give. This brings shame, guilt and other feelings of donor regret. Second, a donor may continue to have the financial means to give and give generously over the many years, but the leadership of the nonprofit may have changed or their strategies and programs may have changed, which no longer please the donor. So now the donor feels trapped by his word to keep giving his or her money into a charity that he or she may no longer believe in or even like. Here again, donor regret sets in and often leaves donors frustrated. Thus, wise philanthropy never makes decisions solely based on the emotionalism of the development officer or executive officer. Be wise and strategic especially when considering long-term financial gifts.