There was a friend who couldn’t afford some medication, so what do you do? Do let your friend go without the medication, which is very much needed even if it is in your power to purchase it? Well, if you want to be a blessing and live a life of generosity and philanthropy, then you do the loving thing; you purchase the medication for your friend. This maybe just a one-time event that will forever be seared in the heart and mind of your friend, or it may reoccur from time to time. Nevertheless, I know someone who did this for their friend. They wanted to make sure from the pharmacy that it would be okay for them to purchase the prescription and give it to them as a gift. When the pharmacy learned of this act of generosity, they decided to sell the medication at the in-house employee only rate. Thus, you may never know when you decide to bless someone that someone else will then bless you all within the same transaction, which really turns into a transformational experience.