When people bless you, it is just natural to want to bless them back. When someone smiles at you, it is just natural to smile back. When we can mirror back positive acts of kindness and generosity, then the world will slowly but surely become a healthier and happier place to live and give. Just recently, a workman gave me a bill for $90 and then said, “because I love you so much I’m going charging a third of what I normally charge people.” This warmed my heart and rather than wanting to take advantage of his generosity, I wanted to be a blessing back. So I said, “well, here is $150 cash, you can enjoy the extra on whatever you want.” With a sparkle in his eyes, he then said, “well she may take it to buy some new shoes,” referring to one of his employees who was over hearing our entire business transaction. Here again, a financial transaction can turn into a transformational giving experience for others. When you become blessed, then be a blessing in return.