You’re driving through a parking lot and all of a sudden another car pulls directly out not realizing you are driving by. You try to swerve out of the way, honk your horn, but it is too late. The other driver has just hit you. It is clearly their fault. You have eye witnesses that get out of their cars to testify to what occurred. You make sure the driver is okay and that you are okay. You realize the car that just hit would isn’t some fancy expensive sports car, but most likely it is a much older warn out and warn down sports utility vehicle. The driver gets out of his car and shares his insurance information, address, etc. You take it. You then drive home and Google earth the drivers address – you clearly see the driver is most likely a struggling paycheck to paycheck citizen who can’t really afford to have this go on his record much less take a hit on his insurance policy. So what do you do? Do you choose justice and the way of the law? Or do you choose love and the way of grace? Well the person who got hit decided not to sue, not file an insurance claim, and just to pay for their own damage to their own car. This is an act of philanthropic mercy. How might the world work if we all could be in a financial position but more importantly a heart position to extend loving kindness rather than anger and way to hurt others?