The ego believes it is the ruler of your life. The ego thinks it is the master of your destiny. The ego has no place for God much less others. In fact, the only place for others is for them to worship your ego, bow down to your ego and to stroke your ego by singing its praises. The ego deceives people into believing they are the king of their world. And what they say, goes. They make life happen. But really the ego extinguishes God out of your life. It leaves people totally lost, deceived, blinded by their own pride and confused by their own assumptions. Because after all, life will eventually inform you that you’re not that big of a deal. You’re not as powerful or prestigious as you think you are. And when fundraising professionals, executive directors and others within the nonprofit world of taking your money appeal to your ego to give, then be very careful. You may sign your life away just for a charitable cause, but next year they will be coming back asking for more. And if your financial situation ever changes for the worse, then they will drop you as fast as your ego extinguished God out of your own life. Left with humility and feeling abused, your ego will be bruised. Never let your ego drive your philanthropic decisions and even more so when they are on public display for all to see.