If you are appealing to me to give from a position of my ego, then you really do not know me. And if you really do not know me, then how many others within your donor base do you really do not even get? A few toxic immature and often wealthy donors may give from their pride and ego, but most people are not thinking about themselves when they are making decisions in giving to the poor or giving to charity. Most healthy donors are actually thinking about the end recipients of their generosity. Sophisticated donors are even thinking about the leadership and entities by which they actually give to – directly to specific public charities, NGOs, donor advised funds, or community foundations as an example. They are not thinking about what giving level they want to see their names printed in some annual report or forever inscribed on some donor wall. Who cares? If fundraising professionals believe these gimmicks of appealing to donor pride is what truly drives donors to give more, then they are totally clueless and should be fired on the spot. Yes, some will want to see their names engraved under eternal spot lights for all to see, but who is that really helping? Are you in the business to help the poor or to shine a spot light on your donors by appeasing their pride? Some people’s donations you may just would rather decline.