Philanthropy is a life-long journey of loving, listening, learning, liberating and finally living your legacy. Since philanthropy is about the love of others, then loving others is required first and foremost if you truly want to live a life of philanthropy. And the foundation that allows you to love others authentically and for their benefit is humility. Without first being grounded in a humble reality that other people need love and they need to be heard, you will never truly create an impact of genuine philanthropic living. For loving is listening. When you listen to the concerns and needs of others, then you can actually learn what they really need. Never assume what you think someone needs. Listen to their heart and soul, and truly hear what they have to say. This gives them human dignity and an authentic human touch. Once you learn what they truly need, then you can be in a better position to practice impactful philanthropy. This is where real life happens, when you can liberate others from their bondage. Some bondage maybe around drugs and alcoholism, illiteracy, loneliness, or some form of abuse, poverty, or just the need for mentoring. You never know how you can lift the spirit of others by liberating them through philanthropic relationships. Remember, not all philanthropy involves a public charity or a NGO or a private foundation. As you bring liberation from bondage to other people’s lives where they experience human flourishing and wellness, then you are living your legacy now. You will not need to worry on your death bed if you have left one behind or if your estate plans will make an impact, because your life already has.