Have you ever witnessed people who proclaim to be generous or even aid workers who proclaim to care for the hurting and poor to make the very ones they are trying to help jump through unnecessary hoops? I’ve watched social aid to philanthropic aid become filled with red tape, unnecessary obstacles and simply added burdensome requirements for those seeking help. Why? Sometimes it is due to a history of fraud and thus an extreme form of vetting needs to occur. Other times, aid works and volunteers become cruel. Over time, their hearts just harden because of the places and people they seek to serve are such difficult situations. This is not to excuse bad behavior or a poor form of coping under extreme conditions, but it is a reality that should be addressed. Not everyone is cut out to serve in the developing world, or to work in an inner city or to be the conduit between recipients in need and the powerful purses they control. As Proverbs 3:28 proclaims, “Do not say to your neighbor, ‘Go, and come again, tomorrow I will give it’ – when you have it with you” (ESV). If you really want to bless those you are serving, then make your generosity an easy experience.