All it takes is one bad employee to taint your nonprofit’s organization. This should be simple enough that shouldn’t be said in the 21st century, but with each new generation arriving on the job, employees and human resource departments need to do a better job of hiring and equipping their staff when it comes to communicating with donors. After all, your donors are your customers. They are your investors in your enterprise. They may not be end-user customers like shoppers at the mall or local grocery store, but without their continued financial support, your nonprofit truly has no profit. And when your nonprofit reaches the over half-a-billion mark in annual donations and when you have more staff and volunteers than you will ever be able to know, then it is absolutely imperative for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to communicating with donors. Of course this is much easier said than done and easier to implement in a small mom and pop charity. Nevertheless, if your nonprofit offends the wrong donor at the wrong time in his or her life, then you may never hear the end of it.