No wealth holder, public philanthropist, or even anonymous generous giver ever likes turning down requests for money. People want to be liked and they want to help others in need. But sometimes giving to charities to individuals in need is not the wisest or best way to bring real help. And sometimes it is just not a good time for the generous giver to bless others financially as they may want to do so, due to their own personal lives and finances. Just because someone maybe considered wealthy, does not mean they necessarily have positive extra cash flow to give all of the time to all who ask. Often many people’s wealth is restricted by rules of a trust to the approval of a board or a trustee. And some people’s wealth is so tied up to non-liquid assets that they simply cannot sell businesses shares or businesses to create the kind of positive cash to make major financial gifts. This kind of thinking may seem strange to most people living pay check to pay check, but in the world of big money, this is often too common. And it is especially true with young wealth inheritors whose parents or grandparents do not want public charities to simply prey upon their children or grandchildren because they have not yet developed the wisdom and discernment of what a lifetime of giving and being asked for money can do to one’s soul (and both positive and negative outcomes arise). There is a reason for tight trusts. So don’t be offended or put off if you need money and are turned down from someone you assume can simply write the check.