Donors hate to give to superficial, frivolous crap. You know all those meaningless “empowering” quotes and picture frames that hang on office walls or those plastic fake plants that should beautify your nonprofit’s office. Donor’s really don’t want to see their money re-donated to other charities for building your own organization’s community presence. If they wanted their money to go to a different charity, then they would have given directly to it, rather than yours. Donors just do like to see their hard earned money wasted. That is the bottom line. Whether it is on a cheap plaque from the local trophy shop honoring their generosity, which it rarely ever does, to trying to impress them by buying them an expensive lunch or dinner or some other token “trinkets and trash” kind of gift of appreciation, this will all turn off donors who truly are wise stewards of their money. And at the end of day, they are seeing if you too will be wise stewards of their money. So are you turning your donors off or are you being a wise steward of their generosity?