For the faith-based world of Judeo-Christianity, why in the world do so many synagogues, churches, and other faith-based charities and missions simply do the very thing that their Scripture says not to do? Proverbs 22:26 uses by both the Jewish and Christian community, proclaims, “Be not one of those who give pledges, who put up security for debts” (ESV). Yes, the financial pledge card is not based on the holiness and way of God. It is a worldly gimmick and trap to burden the faithful with to give their money for the decisions of religious leaders who choose to go into financial debt. Yes, but others will say, “we needed to build this building, or we must expand, or we are starting our capital fundraising campaign.” But who made those decisions and who really wanted to go into that kind of debt in the first place? Does the Scripture also say, have not debt but to continue to love one another? (You may look up that reference). So if you align with one of these faith groups who are pushing you to fill out a financial pledge card, then you now have the power to say no! Don’t let guilt guide your giving.