Does a major wealth windfall really drive people to do and say crazy things? When CEOs take their companies public and overnight they think they have more money than God, how might this new ego belief system really impact their soul and family relationships? As many say, one’s ego stands for Edging God Out, and often these extremely successful people end up believing they are god. Everyone praises them; expect maybe their wife and children. And this is where the real rub rubs them wrong. After all, the same principles, values and discipline that created an enormous amount of wealth are not necessarily the same principles, values and disciplines that create a healthy and happy marriage and family. Even one’s public generosity at their new high society level can do more harm than good. So why can wealth be more intoxicating than alcohol and drug addiction? Why can it cause seemingly healthy and happy people to all of sudden divorce not only their spouses, but their entire families? Why is going out at a local eatery no longer acceptable, when now we must fly halfway around America or the world on a private jet for dinner; just because we can? Seriously, most people can’t handle wealth or how it impacts their souls, their spiritual lives, and families lives.