Have you ever noticed the gentle leader? The quiet leader? The leader who leads from the shadows rather than from the spotlight? Ancient Hebrew wisdom, proclaims, “Your gentleness has made you great” (Psalm 18:35). Think about this claim. Has your gentleness made you great? Are people attracted to you because you are easily approachable, gentle, while showing loving kindness? Do you see the qualities and character and integrity in other leaders that you desire to manifest yourself? Or are you often surrounded by dictatorial leadership, with an attitude of “my way or the highway?” Some of the best leaders never have to raise their voice to get the attention and action of their followers. Some of the best leaders approach their people with an authentic gentleness of the heart. A tone that is consistent with hope and care, while forceful enough where everyone knows they mean business but never in a mean or ugly way. Developing your gentleness as a leader maybe one of the greatest gifts you give to those you influence.