Is there a real difference between givers and supporters? A generous giver, usually loves to bless others through giving whatever resources they have at hand, which will be a true blessing to the recipient. A supporter tends to be a faithful ongoing financial giver to one particular individual and/or organization. Both are donors in different ways. The generous giver tends to be more spirit led in their giving, whereas the supporter usually has made a conscious decision to give x amount of money monthly or yearly to support someone’s lifestyle as that recipient engages in some kind of missional/charitable work. But in reality, life is not as clean cut as this. Supporters also find themselves giving to other people and nonprofits often randomly, while still being committed to the one or two they’ve made long-term investments in. And generous givers may support individuals for awhile but they tend to move on seeing their generosity to go beyond simply check writing to one person or charity. And after awhile, they often will want others to get a real job and financially support themselves to do their passionate, missional work. So, if you are in fundraising, are you seeking out supporters or generous donors? And how do you know the difference when connecting with them?