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Questions from Giving

By |December 31st, 2017|

What lessons have you learned from a year of generosity? What things would you do differently next year? What things would you improve on? What things would you do the same? What charities do you still want to financially support? How did supporting those charities this past year impact your soul? How did your generosity impact the souls of others? Who or what needs more of your time and attention? How might you become an even greater blessing to someone next year? What other capabilities do you have that go beyond giving money? How might you give from more [...]

Last Minute Giving

By |December 30th, 2017|

Year-end giving is only for the next two days. You don’t have the ability to do much at this point, since it is a weekend and most financial firms doing wire transfers are closed. But you can still put that check in the mail and have it dated and sent to your favorite charity in order to offset any taxes you may have. Unfortunately, last minute giving for estate planning purposes and reducing taxes shouldn’t have to occur until year-end financial statements are completed. But we just don’t live in that reality. Until Congress changes laws for tax and [...]

Money Changes Relationships

By |December 29th, 2017|

Giving may lead to awkward relationships and friendships where the exchange of money has occurred for the sake of pure generosity. Often the recipient desires to be overtly thankful and grateful to the point where it makes the giver feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, some recipients are so in shock themselves that they never truly even show a respectful sign of gratitude. Both extremes are noted and felt by the generous giver. So what should a generous giver do to prepare the recipient for their generosity while also protecting their own heart? Some donors will inform a potential [...]

Know Your Giving Capacity

By |December 28th, 2017|

Socrates famously said, “know thy self,” and I’m saying know your capacity. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Know what your good at and what you are not. You will not only become a better person, but also a better leader and giver. Know your giving capacity. And know it not just from a financial perspective, but more importantly from an emotional, relational and spiritual one as well. If you want to give financially more than your spouse feels comfortable with, then have that conversation and know their wisdom for desiring not to give as much. Knowing the [...]

So Much Giving Comes from Grieving

By |December 27th, 2017|

So much of giving comes from grieving. For some it is harder to give when they are grieving, especially if they are grieving the loss of a loved one like a child. You may walk into a home and see that the child’s bedroom continues to be just how it was 20 plus years ago when the child died. For these homes, and for these rooms, it is as if time froze and the grieving process never truly began. For others on the opposite side of the pendulum, as soon as death strikes, they are giving away everything as [...]

Tending to Your Soul or Your Gifts?

By |December 26th, 2017|

Now that Christmas day is technically over, how are you going to give your gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving for all that you’ve received? How are you going to live graciously today rather than going straight for the shopping malls to return your gifts of generosity? Really? If you believe it is all about the material stuff of this world, then you haven’t made it very far in this life. For life is so much more than consuming more and acquiring more material superficial things that are in style today and out of style tomorrow. So, how is your soul [...]

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Christmas is All About Giving & Receiving

By |December 25th, 2017|

Christmas has become all about giving and receiving. What good is giving after all if no one is willing to receive? I know a hardened heart is not always open to receiving especially when the giver is trying to use a gift to reach out to bring about reconciliation. But isn’t this really what the seasons and spirit of Christmas is all about? Humanity has hardened its heart. God is reaching out by giving His one and only Son, in the form of a baby, that whomever receives this gift, this child, will be blessed. But if we do [...]

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Loving Enough to Listen & Learn

By |December 24th, 2017|

Rather than rejecting one side or the other, why don’t we teach better values from a spirit of love? Isn’t this real leadership? Intolerance seems to bred intolerance. Love and humility opens hearts for relational and conversational leadership. If we cannot tolerate opposing views, no matter how much those views may go against your own values, then will we ever be a better society and civilization? Growth and maturity comes from the many growing pains of life. We wake up one day and realize that most people do not think or act or live like you do, even with [...]

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Family Offices Often Trigger Negative Memories for Its Members

By |December 23rd, 2017|

Family offices and much that is written on the subject matter of family offices and professional experts speaking on this topic seem so often to miss one glaring and yet very important fact; the very term “family” is filled with many negative connotations and toxic memories for the very members a family office seeks to serve. Whether one’s family ended in divorce, there is a schism between siblings, a father molested his children while the mother simply looked the other way, or just the feeling of continuing to be manipulated and controlled by family wealth are just a few [...]

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People are the Real Treasure

By |December 22nd, 2017|

People are the real treasure. People intrinsically have human value and human dignity. This intrinsic value is not based on their performance, merit, or past success. People are valuable simply for being made in God’s image. It has nothing to do with their economic state, educational level, or energy they either burn brightly or lightly in this world. Even a corpse is handled with a certain amount of respect and decorum. There is real capital within human beings. And yet so many either see people for just a few things they can get out of them. In the nonprofit [...]

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