The SPIRIT of Fundraising Vs the SPIRIT of Generosity?

By |December 3rd, 2017|

Now that you know the difference between the SPIRIT of Fundraising versus the SPIRIT of generosity, what are you going to do? Are you going to remain in conflict with your donors? Are you going to adapt your fundraising approaches, methodologies and strategies, or are you going to continue to be stressed out doing fundraising business as normal? Just to recap, see the below points from each traditional perspective:

The SPIRIT of Fundraising
1. Solicitation
2. Partnering
3. Irrationally emotional
4. Robotic
5. Immediate Need
6. Transactional

The SPIRIT of Generosity:
1. Spirit-directed from the whole person
2. Purposeful for all involved
3. Intentionally wise investment
4. Relational not Institutional or [...]