Please show me in the Old Testament or the New Testament where believers in God are to raise tens of millions of dollars to worship Jesus? Mega churches across America who have any financial debt on their books disgust me. They are the very preachers and spiritual leaders Jesus warned you about! The only debt Christians are to carry is the continual debt to love others. And while many major buildings are built from the 1980s, 1990s and even in the turn of the century, it is so fascinating to see empty choir lofts where worshipers used to sing from. Now all that has been replaced by often tattooed worship teams who think they are rock stars for Jesus! Really? Just turn on your local television some Sunday morning and watch the superficial, worldly, church in utter decline. Why should anyone give to your hypocritical agenda all in the blasphemous name of our Lord? It is no wonder so many pastor’s children commit suicide. It is no wonder so many big ego-driven pastors, cloaked in a false sense of humility, must step down because they are clueless in meeting their financial obligations to bankers. Is this really what Jesus had in mind, or do we just like to twist His words to serve money in order to serve Him?