No amount of kindness is ever wasted. No amount of soul care is ever wasted even if the recipient is not aware of your generosity toward them. Many people are loved even unconscious in hospitals and other medical facilities. They may not know all of those who have prayed for them, worked on them, or brought help to their hurting bodies. Life is precious. Life intrinsically has dignity. And it is here where philanthropy can flourish. For philanthropy is a relational act of extending loving-kindness to others for their wellbeing. Sometimes the recipient gets it, and sometimes they don’t. But either way, givers are to give onward. We don’t give to receive something in return. We give to extend grace. It is not based on merit, or even a personal relationship. You may help a total stranger in society you see struggling in some capacity. This is philanthropy in action. This is discerning the needs of those round you and caring enough to extend loving-kindness for their benefit.