Tis the season to be generous. But why just now? Why do the majority of all charities receive the majority of all their funding at the end of the year? Well, sadly end-of-year taxes are a major part of this. Maybe the tax code should be changed around incentivizing generosity more throughout the year than simply at the end of the year? And of course, holiday fundraising galas from Christmas parties to Hanukkah celebrations all play a role in corporate to personal generosity. This is just reality. But shouldn’t the season of generosity be more than Giving Tuesday or the Holidays? While many generous givers and philanthropists practice giving throughout their daily lives, most don’t. Yes, they may give randomly to school events or sport programs or memorial funds to catastrophic events that occur usually around tornados and other weather disasters. This is all good, but this is usually rapid responsive aid for emergency situations. How might people be motivated to give more consistently and yet personally throughout the year? Not just automatically through bank draft donations or monthly supporting some charity or sponsoring some child in need where miles of distance exist; but rather, a more personal and deliberative way of giving and helping throughout your daily lives will make the world better. You don’t need to wait till the end of the year.