How is your charity creating value? How are you creating real measurable value to the recipients of your charity’s work? If your nonprofit’s aim is to end illiteracy, then you would be creating value by transforming the lives of those who once could not read to now reading and most likely working as well. If someone cannot read an application for work, then how can they ever hope to be employed? Thus, this would be one example of creating value, which your charity could even follow and measure the impact even further if they so desired. But how do you create value for your donors? Giving a tax deduction is not a value-added concept, since every nonprofit can give a tax deduction to its donor base. And allowing your donors to give through multiple platforms like online giving, wire transfer, bank drafts, etc. may make giving easier for some of your donors, but here again, it does not necessarily add value to their lives as a contributing donor. So, how might you add real value and life change for your donors as well as your end-recipients of the charity?