Many nonprofits believe it is a badge of honor and/or success to continue to raise their budget year after year. And in order to raise one’s budget, they then must raise more money from donors. After many years, some nonprofits end up focusing more on raising money than their actual mission. Rather than fighting the fires they are fanning the smoke, which keeps them heavily employed and financially fat. If a nonprofit is going to brag about their actually, measurable results, then why not brag about doing it on a focused budget rather than one that doubles about every year? When a leader accomplishes more with more, then that is not a very great leader. But when a leader accomplishes more with less, by being strategic, focused and intentional, then maybe this leader and nonprofit really is doing something worth praising. Donors do get tired of seeing their many charities budget’s continue to increase when their own livelihood does not increase by 10% or 20% each and every year. But when a charity can prove they are doing more with less, then donors will listen and be more willing to give.