Donors are not dumb! Of course, the need will continue to exist if a nonprofit is in the business of not meeting needs at a systemic level. If the nonprofit secretly exists to maintain the wellbeing of their employees and staff and founder more than trying to solve the problems their public mission statement claims, then the need to fundraise will continue onward. Why? Because the leadership needs their salaries met, they need food on their own family’s table and they have bills to pay. It is common sense. But when nonprofit leaders are working to end needs at a systemic level, then they know each and every year they work, they are getting closer to solving those problems, while ending their own career at that charity. But when leaders have this kind of success, I bet other nonprofits would want to hire them in a heart-beat! Here again, are you fighting fires at the systemic level or just fanning the smoke to continue to be in the fundraising business, which keeps you and your staff happily employed while not producing transformational change for the end recipients? How you answer the question reveals the kind of leadership you and your charity has adopted.