No matter what you think of President Donald Trump, he continues to say he wants to get things done under budget and on time. What if this mantra was your nonprofits execution strategy? What if your board would not tolerate a continual increase in fundraising and spending, but rather they demand an under budget and on time strategy for achieving exceptional results? I’m not about being such a tightwad that no one has any fun and you are afraid of causing problems, but at the same time charities should show more frugal responsibility and financial stewardship over donor dollars and treat donors as investors who truly want to see an impact from their investment. When for profit companies can accomplish more on less within specific time restraints, then profits go up and everyone is happy. But what happens when a nonprofit does the same? Will they be able to slowly accumulate extra cash that was not spent to start other programs without having to fundraising for another program? You never know until you start treating your nonprofit like a regular business of being fiscally responsible, treating donors as investors, and expecting more outcomes with measurable results.