When donors grow up they tend to give more generously and wisely. Generous giving can be a joyful and fun experience, but it can also be a foolish endeavor. This is why generous giving will never be enough. It must be tempered with wisdom. Giving wisely may seem harsh and not as loose and free willy as pure generosity, but in the end, when wisdom and generosity join teams, then greater philanthropic giving emerges. You might want to think of money like a loaded gun. You may take your gun and unload it quickly and with rapid fire while not even hitting the target. You may make a lot of noise and it may feel exciting, but if you didn’t hit the target, then you’ve wasted lots of ammunition. And the same could be said when giving money. Likewise, who would turn over their loaded weapon (i.e. money) to a young person or anyone for that matter who has not been properly trained in how to handle it? Remember, giving money away is no problem solver to the recipient if it ends up causing them more harm and damage.